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Subscribe to our BostonPParty mailing list with hundreds of piss loving men, so you can stay up to date on the very latest piss happenings in New England. It's free and you can stay anonymous if you wish. Use it to meet other guys, to announce your piss party, to ask questions, to connect with men throughout New England. All subscription requests must be approved by the list owner who will ask you your age, gender and geographical location.

Go to the BostonPParty mailing list home page to subscribe, unsubscribe or change your subscription

You can also manage your subscription via e-mail.

To subscribe to the REGULAR version… Send a message…
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SUBJECT: subscribe Bostonpparty
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You will receive a confirmation request by email that you need to respond to
To unsubscribe Send a message…
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To resolve any problems you can always e-mail or and a real human being will read your message and try help you.
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